5 Effective Tips to Prevent Common Eye Infections

Tips to Avoid Eye Infections | Ophthalmologist in Chembur

An eye infection is one of the most dreaded things that people wish to end immediately. Unfortunately, the eyes are not natural healers and require the intervention of a professional to treat the symptoms, which may include redness, discharge, pain, and light sensitivity.

To avoid the hassle, it is best to take precautions and follow the necessary measures to prevent the bacteria from invading your precious eyes.

Following are some tips shared by the leading eye specialist in Chembur, Dr Nandita Rane, to prevent eye infections and the possible issues associated with it.

1. Keep your hands away from your face and eyes

Do you know how much dirt and germs are deposited on your fingers? You then continue to use the same fingers to rub your eyes and touch your face. Even if done inadvertently, it may lead to eye infections and severely affect one’s vision if the infection aggravates.

You must make it a point to wash your hands before touching the eyes or use a clean cloth to wipe them, if necessary.

2. Say no to sharing makeup

One of the common causes of contracting an infection is sharing makeup products. While your best friend might want you to try the latest eyeshadow that she added to her vanity, it is best to say no to avoid infections.

Bacteria tend to live and thrive on makeup brushes and containers, which makes makeup sharing a big NO. Proactively discard makeup brushes and expired products.

Also, avoid using testers directly on your eyes and face. They are used by multiple people and are home to several bacteria that can be the cause of a dangerous infection.

3. Wash your hands

The easiest way to prevent infection is by washing hands thoroughly, exactly the same way you did during the COVID-19 days. Use a quality handwash that helps to do away with germs, bacteria, fungal spores, and viruses and doesn’t dry your hands.

Dr Nandita Rane- a trusted eye doctor in Chembur, always emphasises cleaning hands and making it an active part of children's and adult routines, which may translate into a habit.

4. Ensure Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses may give you a break from glasses, but they are a breeding ground for germs and viruses if you are not particular about their hygiene. Instructions shared by the doctor must be followed to the T for cleaning and storing the lenses. Do not use contact lenses beyond the expiry date.

5. Be aware of Pinkeye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an extremely contagious condition that spreads widely due to contact. Avoid the spread of pink eye by washing hands and maintaining distance. Please consult a doctor immediately if you notice any signs of pink eye, and avoid going to work or sending your child to school.

Eye infections must be taken seriously, as they can severely affect one’s vision and may even lead to vision loss. Avoid any delay and visit a trusted professional like Dr Nandita Eye Specialist in Chembur to treat an infection, protect your vision, and learn the best practices to avoid infections in the future.