6 Important Eye Care Tips for Working Professionals

Eye Care Tips for Working Professional|Eye Doctor in Chembur

Screens have today become an integral part of our professional lives. However, constant exposure can strain our eyes and cause severe discomfort or lead to multiple vision-related issues. Hence, it is imperative to adopt certain habits to protect our eye health.

In this article, Dr Nandita Rane- one of the best eye specialists in Chembur will share some important tips for working professionals that will help them safeguard their vision and promote overall wellness.

1. Alter Your Screen Settings

Extended use of screens can strain your eyes, hence it is important to make a few adjustments. Alter the screen brightness as per the workplace brightness that’ll help to reduce the pressure on the eyes. To reduce glare, you can opt for a matte screen filter. Dr Nandita Rane- a leading ophthalmologist in Chembur also suggests placing the screen slightly below eye level and at arm’s length for a comfortable view and good posture.

2. Give Your Eyes a Break

Your eyes are constantly at work until you give them a break. Just like you, they need some time to refresh too. It is important to look away from the screen, view something placed at a distance, shut your eyes for a while, and not view any screens for some time. It is usually advised to look away from screens every 20 minutes. This simple habit will help reduce eye strain and keep them refreshed.

3. Focus on Lighting

Always remember, your environment will influence your work, and in this case also your eye health. Try avoiding areas that are not well-lit or have bright overhead lights. Opt for lights that are soft and evenly distribute light throughout the room. You can also place your desk close to a window to make the best use of natural light.

4. Select the Right Eyewear

Whether indoors or outdoors, it is imperative to select the right eyewear to ensure maximum protection and comfort. While working indoors, opt for anti-glare glasses that can help you see clearly and reduce eye strain or fatigue. Similarly, if you’re working outdoors, invest in quality sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and potential dust or debris.

5. Say Yes to a Healthy Lifestyle

No adjustments and investments will make sense until you decide to care for your overall well-being, including your eyes. Adopting healthy eating habits like adding fruits, and vegetables and maintaining a balanced diet can help your body gain essential nutrients. Getting an adequate amount of sleep and exercising regularly can help improve or maintain eye health.

6. Stay Hydrated

As per Dr Nandita Eye Specialist in Chembur, dehydration can be a major contributor to dry eyes. Hence, it is important to drink plenty of water that will help to keep the eyes moist and reduce the risk of dry eyes. Additionally, hydration also helps to achieve flawless skin. With clear vision, enjoy clear skin too by staying hydrated.

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