Does Wearing Glasses Improve Eyesight or Make it Worse?

Do Glasses Improve or Wosen Eyesight?|Eye Clinic in Chembur

There are several misconceptions related to corrective lenses, one of which has secured a firm place in people's minds— that glasses make one's eyesight worse. It is a common myth that isn’t scientifically proven. Furthermore, professionals wouldn’t prescribe it to people if it were true.

In this article, Dr Nandita Rane- a leading eye specialist in Chembur will clear the confusion and explain why glasses are your eye ally and not nemesis.

What is the Truth?

Many people believe that wearing glasses makes one reliant on the glasses or limits the development of muscles. However, Dr Nandita Rane, a reputed ophthalmologist in Chembur, confirms that glasses do nothing as mentioned above, instead, they help you see better and do not weaken your eyes in any way.

A common myth surrounding glasses is that even after wearing glasses, the eyes tend to weaken and the eyeglass prescription gets stronger. The reality is that your genetics, age, behaviour, and other factors are to blame, in this situation, not the eyeglasses. As you age, your eye lenses tend to alter and lose their flexibility, thus limiting the light reaching the retina as opposed to the way they used to function earlier.

Common eye concerns like Presbyopia is age-related and usually occur in people above the age of 40. Myopia, or nearsightedness likewise, tends to increase slightly or more (depending on an individual) with age.

Therefore, glasses are an effective option to consider for correction the vision concerns that may arise due to age and other factors. Not wearing prescription eyeglasses can cause several problems such as eye strain, headache, squinting, and fatigue.

In certain serious eye conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eye), it is imperative to wear eyeglasses as it can worsen the condition or even make it permanent, especially in children.

Why Do Many People Complain That Their Eyesight Is Getting Worse After Wearing Glasses?

After wearing prescribed glasses, the eyes require time to adjust to the corrected vision. Some people may experience slight headaches, difficulty in walking, etc, but just like anything else, you need to give your eyes some time to adjust.

The shift from a blurred view to a crystal clear one is big, therefore, your eyes and brain take time to become accustomed to the clarity which may highlight the effects of uncorrected vision.

Does Wearing Glasses Help?

Well, wearing glasses religiously will not permanently fix your vision, or reshape your eyes (you need eye surgery for it) but it helps improve your eyesight, provided you’re wearing the right ones. The main goal is to provide the patient with a comfortable and clear vision.

Generally, eyesight remains the same or gets worse over time. This is not because of eyeglasses, it just happens naturally to some people as they get older.

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